Last Mile Asset Management

Last Mile Asset Management (LMAM) adopts and operates electricity, gas, water and wastewater networks designed, installed and commissioned by Lloyds accredited Independent Connection Providers (ICPs) across the UK.

Offering competitive asset values for single or multi utility, residential, commercial, or mixed developments, LMAM has an impressive asset base and network coverage, owning, operating, and maintaining networks, ensuring new connections for housebuilders, developers, EVCP operators, consultants, and clients are, and remain, connected to the utility infrastructure.

LMAM has a large portfolio of EVCPs across the country working with several prestigious EVCP customers, who enjoy working with LMAM due to highly competitive asset values, slick adoption process, flexible legal/land rights process, and efficient payment process.

LMAM is responsible for managing the adoption process from sale to completion before the assets are adopted by their sister companies Last Mile Electricity, Last Mile Gas and Icosa Water. Ensuring networks are built to high-quality industry standards and specifications, LMAM puts performance, safety, and reliability at the forefront of what they do.